Options for learning and progression – Business Administration post SASE

In July 2020 the business administration Level 2 SASE apprenticeship is due to close, and there is no replacement.

We know, through our engagement with centres and employers, that there will still be a strong demand in the market for options that act as a stepping stone from Level 2 to Level 3.

Having listened to centre feedback, we have pulled together a range of options to help you service the needs of learners, with existing qualifications and programmes that attract funding.

Ahead of the SASE shut off, and in order to provide a level 2 offer, we strongly recommend that you consider the following City & Guilds qualifications and programmes for your provision.

Speak to us on the programmes and qualifications

Age range, eligibility, funding and duration

Traineeship programme


Study programme

Pick & mix

Details of offer

Maths and English (if needed)

Employability skills

Qualifications if/where appropriate

Work experience (min 100 hrs/max 240 hrs)

Qualifications must be listed on AEB catalogue.

We suggest:

Maths and English (if needed)

Work placement



Level 2 units and/or full qualifications.

Business qualifications:

Employability qualifications:

Age range


(19+ via AEB funding)

19-24 up to first full level 3

24+ up to first full level 2



Eligibility criteria

Not currently in employment (or work fewer than 16 hours per week)

Minimal work experience

If qualified, should be below level 3

Have a reasonable chance of being ready for employment or an apprenticeship within six months

See: Adult Education Budget

19-24 fully funded for first full level 2 or 3

24+ co-funded for first full level 2, or loan-funded for level 3 and above

Full or part-time student

No restrictions unless looking to use AEB funding


£970 flat funding rate for traineeship

Additional funding for any vocationally relevant qualification delivered as part of the programme

£724 per qualification for English and maths (if required)

Weighted qualification funding rate on Learning Aim Reference Service

Check: ESFA LARS database of funded qualifications

16 -18 ESFA funding

AEB, if eligible


Min: 6 weeks
Max: 6 months

No set duration

540 planned hours

No set duration


Costs for the individual components as per Walled Garden

Costs for the individual components as per Walled Garden

Costs for the individual components as per Walled Garden

Costs for the individual components as per Walled Garden

Level 2 units and qualifications

We suggest offering the following Level 2 units and/or full qualifications including;

Business qualifications:

Employability qualifications:

Maths and English qualifications

For more information on traineeships, AEB and Study Programmes visit our pages below;


Traineeships are an education and training programme, aimed at 16-24 year olds, created to help learners who are interested in securing an apprenticeship, or employment.

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The Adult Education Budget (AEB), funds qualifications and programmes for learners aged 19+. City & Guilds have over 1,500 qualifications funded by AEB.

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Study programme

Study Programme is a Department of Education initiative which aims to individualise all learners’ education and training experience, whilst enhancing their employment opportunities.

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To find out more about these options, feel free to email us at directsales@cityandguilds.com or phone at 01924206709 and our customer team will be able to support you.