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EPA partnership managers

EPA Partnership Managers

Our EPA Partnership Managers are on hand to support our customers through the entire apprenticeship journey, helping to navigate the process of End-point assessment.

Find out more about the team and how they can help you with EPA.

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Janice Collins

City & Guilds and ILM EPA Partnership Manager

Janice has worked in the apprenticeships space for over eight years, working primarily within colleges managing sub-contractor provision and direct delivery. Since joining City & Guilds in 2018 Janice has used her experience of understanding the requirements of training providers to help customer navigate the process and procedures of end-point assessment.

Janice’s role as an End-Point Assessment Partnership Manager focuses on supporting customers understanding of the process of EPA so they can ensure apprentices are well supported for their learning and end-point assessments.

“I am passionate about the power of apprenticeships and learner progression. I love working with providers to enable the best outcomes for them and their apprentices.

Please reach out to speak to me about any questions you have on EPA and I’d be happy to help.”

+44 (0) 7872 463170


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Morice Hole

City & Guilds and ILM EPA Partnership Manager

Morice has worked in Education for over 9 years now and joined City & Guilds in 2019. She has had the privilege of working at both colleges and sub-contractors specialising in apprenticeship funding and adult education, which has given her a number of perspectives and insight into the apprenticeship experience.

As an EPA Partnership Manager Morice is focused on building relationships with customers, to ensure that they have the support they need to give their apprentices the best chance of success. This includes everything from support resources, guidance and best practice to digital platforms support and working through the EPA process.  Her role is to be there for our customers as they move their apprentices through their learning journey and help them to be prepared for each stage.

“One of the best things about my role is to see first hand how education and learning can open doors and transform lives. Being able to help colleges and training providers to help apprentices progress into the world of work is very rewarding, whether they are young learners or individuals that are moving into new sectors or roles.”

+44 (0) 7718 092138 


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Rebecca Hollamby

City & Guilds and ILM EPA Partnership Manager

Rebecca has worked at City & Guilds in a number of roles for over 13 years, working with a variety of customers and employers to develop and grow their business with City & Guilds.

As an EPA Partnership Manager Rebecca’s role is about ensuring customers, employers and the providers have a seamless journey through End-Point Assessment.

As a team the EPA partnership managers work hard to ensure that City & Guilds provide the best in class support for EPA, providing access to our excellent support resources to support both the learners on-programme delivery - as well as the wide range of exemplar EPA materials we have to ensure that apprentices are ready for EPA.

"Apprenticeships open doors for thousands of learners each year, providing them with the opportunity to enhance their skills as well as acquiring new ones, to be involved in such a life changing journey is what I love about my role and seeing the results of learner's hard work is something which makes me proud to be involved in every day.”

07876 448 147


Our EPA Partnership Managers are here to support colleges and training providers to with end-point assessment, and ensure that they are well set up to deliver a great experience for their apprentices.

They also work with employers and training providers to ensure that all parties in the apprenticeship process are co-ordinated so they can support their apprentices to succeed.

As part of a wider support team, including Technical Advisors and Industry Managers, they help to deliver webinars on the process of end-point assessment.

To learn more about the wider support we offer visit our EPA support page