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It is our aim to treat each case fairly and consistently. However, if you disagree with a decision we have made, you can appeal against that decision.

There are three stages:

  1. Enquiry – Stage 1
  2. Appeal – Stage 2
  3. Independent Appeals Board – Stage 3

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Stage 1 - Enquiries

A centre can ask for a candidate’s exam result to be reviewed, alternatively a candidate can request this directly. City & Guilds will arrange for the candidate’s answers to be remarked.

In the case of assessment decisions made by centres, candidates must go through the centre’s own internal appeals procedure.

A centre can request an Enquiry into the Qualification Approval Risk Status/ Qualification Status that has been applied by City & Guilds following external quality assurance activities.

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Stage 2 and 3 – Appeals

You can ask us to look at:

  • examinations results
  • decisions regarding qualification (approval risk) status
  • decisions concerning the withdrawal or suspension of centre/qualification approval
  • decisions, penalties and sanctions resulting from a malpractice investigation
  • outcomes of applications for access arrangements or special consideration.

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Project qualifications enquiries

For Project qualifications, please use the forms above for enquiries about results. For more information on the processes and timelines, please refer to the document below.