Graduation for Asda Apprentices

First employees graduate from Asda Skills Academy

06 April 2012

The first group of Asda employees has graduated from the Asda Skills Academy after completing the City & Guilds accredited apprenticeship programme.

The 130 graduates were the first group of learners out of the 4200 Asda employees who have enrolled on Asda’s apprenticeship programme since it was launched in June 2011.

The academy trains Asda employees in recognised retail qualifications at Levels 2 and 3, and teaches skills such as merchandising, customer service and crafts, including bakery.

Emma Fishlock, a Sales Assistant from Asda Taunton, was among those graduating. ‘When Asda launched its apprenticeship programme last year,’ says Emma, ‘I jumped at the chance to sign up – I want to develop my career and studying for a recognisable qualification is a really important part of that.’

Emma admits that it has been tough completing all the modules, maintaining her portfolio and attending all the training classes. ‘Work has been very supportive and I’ve found it really rewarding. I’m determined to work through each level until I reach management.’

The CEO of Asda, Andy Clarke, helped present the certificates alongside Chris Jones, CEO and Director General of City & Guilds.

Clarke said: ‘I’m incredibly proud to see our first colleagues graduate from the Asda Skills Academy. Training and qualifications don’t just give people pieces of paper – they give them the confidence to do more than they thought they could.’


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