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Find out what City & Guilds is doing in its mission to help the FE sector become more digital

24 February 2014 / Be the first to comment

Culture, coaching and collaboration reportCity & Guilds is on a mission right now to help the further education sector become more digital. On Tuesday 25 February we are hosting our first Big Think, together with the 157 Group, Toshiba and Ufi, to inspire those working in FE about the transformation technology can bring to teaching and learning. 

The City & Guilds’ Centre for Skills Development has also published its research report Culture, Coaching and Collaboration this week. The report considers how teachers can use technology to improve teaching and learning; alongside the infrastructure needed and the motivations for doing so.

If you want to know more about how new technologies are being used or are starting to introduce digital technology within your organisations then we can help.  Find out how to get involved in the Think Out Loud Club or join the conversation at www.thinkoutloudclub.com.

Read or download Culture, Coaching and Collaboration (PDF)

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