Sixth-formers to be offered courses in real-life maths

Kirstie Donnelly MBE, Managing Director of City & Guilds comments on Government's announcement.

03 September 2015 / Jump to comment (1)

Media today  reported that sixth-formers in England are to be offered a new qualification, the Core Maths course, to take their maths past GCSE standard by learning business skills such as calculating profit margins, exchange rates and interest payments. The Department for Education (DfE) core maths will be taught for the first time this academic year and is intended for those who have achieved a C grade or above in Maths but not studying the subject at A level and will be worth the same amount of UCAS points as an AS Level.

Kirstie Donnelly MBE, Managing Director, City & Guilds said: “The announcement from the DfE today regarding Level 3 Core Maths initiative is welcomed by City & Guilds. This practical workplace relevant qualification provides a high standard of maths in a real world context, helping to drive up standards in the UK and ensure that employers have the skilled and talented workforce they need to thrive.

“Maths is an absolutely  vital life skill that young people should be encouraged to continue beyond the age of 16 as it improves their life chances by and gives them the competitive edge in the global jobs market. It’s great to see employers backing this qualification, which we already offer at City & Guilds, as it demonstrates that the UK education system is really beginning to respond to the needs of business.”

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Martin Denwood

21 September 2015

A massive move to improving the current problem of young people liking maths. The subject has so many fundamental issues when it comes to life skills; let's hope it increases the ability to protect the younger generation from the very increasing debt crunch. Wider implications than just 1+1 .. A positive move and let's hope for a positive uptake

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