Five ways to engage with T Levels as an employer or industry expert

From qualification validation to hosting industry placements, find out how you can get involved to ensure that T Levels meet the needs of industry.

02 October 2023

As an employing organisation or industry member, there are many ways you can engage with the development and review of T Level qualifications. T Levels are built around the same set of employer-led standards as apprenticeships, which puts businesses at their core.  

From qualification development and validation to assessing grade standards and setting assessment questions, find out how you can get involved to ensure that qualifications meet the needs of the industry, while nurturing the next generation joining your workforce.  

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1. Become an employer validator

Industry members can feed directly into the content that is delivered to learners as part of the curriculum for T Level technical qualifications. This is done by reviewing the material that forms the basis of the technical qualification and assessing the real-world validity of projects and assignments to ensure that, in the ever-evolving technical landscape, these qualifications remain robust and fit for purpose.

This can only be done by employers, business owners, industry members…those who have up-to-date knowledge of trends within the industry. This helps to ensure that learners, upon completion of their T Level, will have the skills needed to successfully enter the industry and their chosen occupation.  

For more information, or to hear from industry members who have taken part in validation activities, visit the City & Guilds T Levels Employer page.

2. Host an industry placement

Employers in are urged to offer work placement opportunities for T Level learners to allow them to gain practical experience and exposure to the workplace. This is an opportunity for employers to discover young people with the potential to be moulded into future employees, fast-tracking the recruitment process, while also contributing to the success of the whole sector.  

If you are an employer in England, you can offer an industry placement. All T Level programmes include at least 45 days of industry placement which can now be offered with up to two employers. Industry placements should be meaningful and high-quality to allow students to develop the practical and technical skills required for their chosen occupation.  

Reach out to your local college to find out if they have T Level learners, or find out more on the government website.

3. Explore our T Level associate opportunities

With more colleges delivering T Levels, and more learners taking up these programmes, there’s a greater-than-ever need for experienced professionals with a combination of industry and education background. There are a variety of contracted associate roles linked to T Levels, such as moderators and examiners which offer fantastic opportunities for personal progression and networking. Utilising your expertise and knowledge of the industry, you may be contributing to assessment questions and projects or marking schemes, or even completing scrutiny checks of assessments.

The roles are designed for individuals who want to work alongside current work commitments and in doing so, you’ll be supporting the next generation of learners.

City & Guilds have a wide range of associate roles for T Levels as well as other qualifications. To find out more, visit the City & Guilds associate vacancies webpages.

4. Join our Employer Industry Board

T Level 5 ways to engage image Organisations of all sizes are encouraged to work with education providers to shape the T Level curriculum and provide ongoing feedback and development. Our Employer Industry Boards (EIB) give employers a voice in skills development. They are formed of a group of trusted representatives and meet regularly to carry out in-depth analysis and debate.

Our EIBs help create better programmes for learners but also provide learning and networking opportunities for those involved. Individuals can learn more about skills development, helping them to become the go-to expert on training in their organisation while also creating business connections in the sector.

Take a look at our existing Employer Industry Boards and if you’d like to find out more about joining, complete our online form.

5. Be a T Level ambassador for industry

Share information about T Levels with your company and network. By sharing this information – what they are, how they’ll affect your organisation and how you and your organisation can support the programmes – you’ll be helping build T Level understanding and engagement in the business community.

You’ll also be supporting the T Level learners who will form part of your workforce of the future. By understanding more about these qualifications, you’ll fully understand what prospective employees are bringing with them.

Find out more about the T Level ambassador network.

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