Employer Industry Board

We are looking for new employers and industry members to join our Employer Industry Boards (EIB). Our EIBs are formed of a group of trusted representatives from a range of sectors. The group meet periodically both remotely and in-person when possible, to feed into T Levels, apprenticeships and the review of existing programmes as well as the development of new programmes, working towards our commitment of helping young people into a job, on the job and into the next job. 

We’d love to hear from members of the following industries: 

  • Construction 
  • Building Services Engineering 
  • Engineering and Manufacturing 
  • Business, Management and Digital 
  • Land-based

The EIB provides technical expertise and guidance to support the development of qualifications, assessments, and grade standards. This may include supporting the writing, review and/or validation of both qualification content and assessment materials. 

Employer involvement across all forms of training is important, and we would like you to be part of that discussion. 

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Employer Industry Boards


Key employers, industry associations and product houses have come together to form our Construction EIB. 

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Building Services Engineering 

Our Building Services Engineering EIB consists of technical experts from sectors including engineering, plumbing and heating and electrical. 

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Engineering and Manufacturing

Board members for our Engineering and Manufacturing EIB come from a range of sectors including automotive, electrical and automation to name a few. 

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Management, Business and Digital

The EIB comprises of employers, professional associations, and other sector figures and specialists to ensure our products and services meet the requirements of our industries. 

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Agriculture, Environment and Animal Care

 Our EIB consists of employers, professional associations, and other sector bodies and specialists to ensure our products and services are fit for purpose and meet the requirements of our industries. 

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Why join an Employer Industry Board?

You’ll be helping to create the workforce of the future. As outlined in the Great Jobs report by City & Guilds many of the UK’s essential industries are understaffed, with many employers are unable to fill vacancies due to a lack of skills.  

By providing feedback on qualification content and assessments you’re helping ensure training is in line with industry needs. Making sure current industry practices are accurately reflected so employers, such as yourself, can be confident learners are equipped with the right knowledge and skills to enter work in the sector.  

“Joining the validation group was an easy decision for us and was key in helping us to ensure the programs were fit for the future and delivered the development we wanted for our employees and sector. However, joining the validation group gave is so much more than we expected, and we are so glad we took the decision to join. Via the validation group, not only did it give us a chance to ensure the quality of programmes, but it allowed us to network, inspire and be inspired by the people that we have met through the group.”

Robert Watts, Consultant Capability-360 

“Employers are the ultimate beneficiaries so we need to ensure the content is relevant and challenging, so the learners not only get the best experience but can use their technical qualification as underpinning knowledge for any future career or higher apprenticeship.”

Mary O’Shaughnessy, Learning Delivery Initiatives Specialist, Cadent 

What are T Levels?

T Levels are the ‘gold standard’ in technical education in England and are available to 16–19-year-olds upon completion of GCSEs. They are a two-year programme providing an alternative to apprenticeships and A Levels.  

T Levels have been developed with employers; employers continue to be involved by reviewing programme content and assessments regularly. This ensures T Level programmes equip learners with the skills and knowledge required to successfully join the workforce within their chosen industry. 

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