Survival Equipment Maintenance (4808)

Last Updated: 28 Nov 2017

Product code 4808

The 4808-30 Level 3 Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering Survival Equipment Maintenance apprenticeship is designed for learners who will work as a Survival Equipment Fitter. It is for learners who are interested in developing the specific knowledge who work in the Aerospace and Aviation sector as an survival equipment maintenance engineer within the Military.


Learners interested in the 4808-30 Level 3 Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering Survival Equipment Maintenance will study the following:

Compulsory topics include:

•Human Factors (HF) in a military aviation environment

Learners must complete 7 units from the optional group below.

•Survival equipment engineering trade knowledge
•Survival equipment sewing tasks and maintenance of harnesses
•Survival equipment Aircrew Equipment Assemblies (AEA)
•Maintenance of rescue equipment and liferafts
•Maintenance of protective helmets and Night Vision Goggles (NVG)
•Introduction to survival equipment electrics and maintenance
•Maintaining aircrew oxygen systems
•Maintenance and packing of parachutes

End-point assessment

End Point Assessment is carried out through the Institute of Mechanical Engineers - IMechE

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