Level 2 Retailer (9306)

Last Updated: 21 Nov 2018

Product code 9306

The Retailer Level 2 apprenticeship is for learners working in a wide range of retail settings.

Our apprenticeship offer provides all the materials and solutions you need to sustain flexible delivery models that are cost effective, time efficient and meet the learning styles of your apprentices. It helps motivate them to be successful, productive in their role and are fully prepared for end-point assessment.  And our high-quality, rigorous end-point assessment, can be delivered at a convenient time for your apprentice.

The main purpose of a retailer is to assist customers when they purchase products and services, which requires a good understanding of the stock being sold, the variety of ways customers can shop and the ability to process payments, for example, using a till. Retailers must be passionate about delivering a quality service that always aims to exceed customers’ expectations. They can work in a variety of shops and other retail establishments such as small boutiques, large high street chains, supermarkets and well-known department stores. More specialist retailers include funeral services, garden centres, delicatessens and people who work in remote environments for example in telephone, on-line and mail order retail.

The Retailer Apprenticeship typically lasts 12 months.


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The Level 2 Certificate in Retail Knowledge is the non-mandatory qualification which will provide the learner with the background knowledge needed to succeed in retail, covering the essential concepts to help get a first retail job or advance a current role. Topics include customer service, selling, teamwork as well as health, safety and security issues.

For more information please visit the 1013 qualification webpage here

In addition our apprenticeship training manual (order code: TL159643/ 9780851934068) supports the learner to develop the skills, understanding and behaviours and help them to be competent at gateway and ready for end-point assessment. We also offer SmartScreen resources (order code: SS06013).

End-point assessment

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The assessment events include:
• On demand short answer e-volve test – 30 minutes
• Practical workplace observation – 2 hours
• Professional discussion – 1 hour

At end-point assessment the apprentice must show they can perform in the occupation in a fully competent, holistic and productive way. All elements of the assessment are graded fail/pass/distinction. 

When the apprentice passes their assessment successfully, we’ll apply to the ESFA for the apprenticeship certification. We also provide our own City of Guilds-branded statement of achievement.

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