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Welcome to the maths and English resource hub, here you will find information about digital teaching and learning support resources, brochures, videos, delivery guides and admin support.

Deliver Functional Skills (4748) in 10 easy steps

This guide is designed to get you quickly up to speed in delivering City & Guilds Functional Skills (4748) qualifications. It covers:

• how to navigate the website
• access all of the key information
• utilise the guidance we offer

Go to Functional Skills >

Download the 10 Step Guide >

Digital resources for learners and tutors

e-Functional Skills Reloaded

A digital solution that fully compliments our new Reformed Functional Skills (4748), all the content is mapped to our qualification offer. Supporting in guiding learners from Initial Assessment and Diagnostic Testing all the way through to being exam ready, covering English, Maths and ICT from Entry 3 to Level 2.


SmartScreen is the City & Guilds tutor and learner support website. It supports learners, tutors and assessors by providing specific support materials for City & Guilds' qualifications.


SmartScreen Maths And English show reel >

SmartScreen Maths and English Walkthrough >

For more information please visit our SmartScreen page.

Journey 2 English

We have partnered with Klik2Learn to offer Journey 2 English, a digital course for intermediate learners of English. It is aligned to City & Guilds ESOL Skills for Life (4692) qualification and available through our SmartScreen platform at a per-learner licencing model.

For a limited time until September, this product is available free to support teachers and learners managing remote delivery


Complete maths and English offer

Network event materials

Qualification support material

To accompany our new qualifications, we have developed a range of support materials which will help with understanding the changes, transitioning, delivery and assessment preparation.

Exam changes and invigilation

Exam changes

You will need to notify us of any changes to the date, time and/or location of scheduled exam bookings by completing this online form.

Invigilation exceptions

Should you need to apply for an invigilation exception, you will need to complete this online form.

CPD training

Visit our dedicated CPD training page for more information.

Maths and English #TeachMeets

The current COVID-19 crisis has prompted lots of fresh thinking about how maths and English can be delivered remotely. These TeachMeet sessions are an opportunity for practitioners (teachers, tutors, assessors, managers...) to showcase some of the ideas they've had, approaches they've tried out, things they've thought about doing, or difficulties/successes they might have encountered.

The focus is purely on maths and English teaching and learning - and is not qualification-specific. There will be a series of contributors during each session – each with a maximum of 5 minutes to share their good practice ideas, practical innovations and personal insights.

To sign up for any of these TeachMeet sessions, please register today.

If you'd like to volunteer for one of the contributor slots, please indicate this when you sign up, or email us – (NB: we're happy for contributors to be anonymous - in case you're worried about letting on which organisation you're from).

Maths and English webinar series

Watch all the webinars in our #CGMathsEnglish webinar series.

Here you can find the recordings and slides from each of our maths and English monthly update webinars.

To join these webinars as they happen, and receive advance notice of future topics, register today.

July 2020

What is the New Normal? – watch the webinar recording (YouTube)

What is the New Normal? – download the slides (PDF)

June 2020

Mitigation and beyond – watch the webinar recording (YouTube)

Mitigation and beyond – download the slides (PDF)

17 June – Maths and English Covid-19 update – watch the webinar recording (YouTube)

17 June – Maths and English Covid-19 update – download the slides (PDF)

10 June – Maths and English Covid-19 update – watch the webinar recording (YouTube)

10 June – Maths and English Covid-19 update – download the slides (PDF)

May 2020

Supporting you through Covid-19 – watch the webinar recording (YouTube)

Supporting you through Covid-19 – download the slides (PDF)

April 2020

Situation and Support – watch the webinar recording (YouTube)

Situation and Support – download the slides (PDF)

March 2020

COVID-19 Impact – watch the webinar recording (YouTube)

COVID-19 Impact – download the slides (PDF)

February 2020

OpenAssess – watch the webinar recording (YouTube)

OpenAssess – download the slides (PDF)

January 2020

Funding myths and opportunities – watch the webinar recording (YouTube)

Funding myths and opportunities – download the slides (PDF)

Pre-launch taster 1

Functional Skills reforms Go Live – watch the webinar recording (YouTube)

Functional Skills reforms Go Live – download the slides (PDF)

Pre-launch taster 2

FS English Speaking, Listening and Communicating – watch the webinar recording (YouTube)

FS English Speaking, Listening and Communicating – download the slides (PDF)

Additional webinars

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we will be providing  additional webinars to support you through these unprecedented times.

Employability & Maths and English – 17.06.2020

View the webinar recording

Essential Skills Wales – 04.06.2020

View the webinar recording

ESOL – 05.06.2020

Download the webinar recording