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Transport and Automotive

The future of transportation and skills development in an exciting and rapidly evolving sector

With the adoption of electric vehicles expected to accelerate, autonomous vehicles actively being developed and considerable technological change within the rail industry, there has never been a better time for learners to kick-start a career in this evolving sector.

We work across all sub-sectors including automotive, railway and marine. Working closely with employers and industry experts to align our flagship qualifications to industry standards, providing the skills solutions employers need and an entryway to a successful career in the industry.

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Automotive growth for a zero emission future

automotive growth coverThe Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) Manifesto Report 2030: Automotive Growth for a Zero Emission Future, highlights the critical role the UK Automotive industry plays in economic wellbeing and the benefits to society today and in the future. Emphasising the importance of investing in and developing technologies to advance zero emissions and providing well-paid skilled jobs across the UK.

At City & Guilds we understand the need to design qualifications and courses which integrate the latest technology and innovations to support the demands in the automotive sector. Working closely with employers and industry experts we will continue to drive a sustainable future in skills development.

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The future of the skills landscape is changing

The qualification landscape is changing rapidly as the government sets out net-zero targets and reforms to post-16 qualifications in England to support the move into skilled jobs. Providers, employers and learners who can adapt to these changes will be well-positioned to succeed.

bse sustainability thumbnailWith the rise of zero emission vehicles as an alternative to traditional petrol or diesel-powered vehicles and the emergence of advanced driver assistance systems and electric/hybrid vehicle technology, skills development in the sector has become a challenge for many employers.

Our latest Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Maintenance and Repair qualifications including Advanced Driver Assist Systems and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) systems and components are a great addition for learners developing a career in the motor industry. These qualifications all come with a digital credential which are a great way to showcase training and skills development to potential employers and customers.

To learn more about our sustainable automotive qualifications visit our Green Skills and Sustainability page.

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transport qual reforms thumbnailThe post-16 qualification landscape is changing in England. The DfE changes aim to more effectively support people to directly move onto high-skilled jobs, or through progression into good quality higher education courses. To learn more about these changes and the support available visit our Qualification reform in England.

You'll find key resources on:
  • how these changes may affect curriculum planning
  • types of qualifications to be funded
  • downloadable sector overviews

Visit qualifications reforms to learn more

transport digital credentialDigital credentials offer an opportunity to share new skills and accomplishments online with peers, potential employers, and customers. Data-rich and secure

Digital credentials are shaping the way we showcase skills on social media platforms like LinkedIn and business websites. Collect, share, and showcase training and skills development with Digital credentials.

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Addressing skills gaps and labour market shortages in the rail sector

Our Great Jobs podcast series explores some of the issues highlighted in our Great Jobs report which looks at the skills shortages impacting some of the most essential industries in the UK. In episode 1 of the series our CEO Kirstie Donnelly MBE, is joined by Lorna Gibson, Training Director at QTS Training Ltd and Head of Women in Rail – Scotland, Neil Roberston, CEO at National Skills Academy for Rail and Alex Pond, Managing Director at Intertrain to explore the skills gaps and labour market shortages in the rail sector and what action needs to be taken to address these.

For further information about the material quoted in this episode visit Great Jobs podcast: Episode 1.

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Technical Advisor Paul Tunnicliffe

Paul Tunnicliffe

Technical Advisor for Automotive, Rail, Marine and Transport

Paul has over 35 years’ experience working in the transport industry on a technical level, and most recently in the education sector. He started his career with Lexus and Toyota as an apprentice vehicle technician and gained his City & Guilds motor vehicle qualifications.

In his role as technical advisor, Paul works with providers and employers to support with the delivery of City & Guilds Automotive, Rail and Marine (Transport) qualifications, programmes and services.

Find out more about Paul on the Technical Advisor page or email directly on

Employer Client Managers

At City & Guilds, we understand the challenges faced by employers and the need to quickly adapt to changes in the industry. As your organisation evolves and diversifies we'll provide tailored services and talent development strategies to drive your business growth.

Get in touch with our client managers to discuss skills development strategies and challenges, visit the client support page to learn more.

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