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Get-to-Gateway – your digital solution

Are you delivering, or will soon be delivering, new apprenticeship standards?

Move away from bulky paper-based models and embrace Get-to-Gateway, a digital solution that combines a Learning Management System (LMS) with our industry-leading e-Portfolio. Taking away the strain of delivery, it supports both on-programme delivery and preparation for a successful end-point assessment.

Get-to-Gateway offers:

  • an end to bulky paper folders
  • no need to install complicated software
  • accessible across a range of devices
  • engages the apprentice and simplifies assessment
  • apprentices get a high-quality and standardised experience.

We currently support standards including Customer Service Practitioner, Business Administrator, Retailer, Commis Chef, and ILM Leadership and Management, with more being added every month.

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What are the benefits of Get-to-Gateway?

  • pay-as-you-go – unlike other systems, Get-to-Gateway is ready to roll. You buy the access you need, when you need it and there are no complex installations
  • we’ve done all the hard work – enrol your apprentices, set up your team members and our web-based system kicks off delivery
  • increased profitability – online assessment improves efficiency. There’s no need to create your own learning materials, or worry that things might become out-of-date
  • progress and activity reports – manage assessor caseload and see the bigger picture (either for one apprentice or for an entire group)
  • prove you meet funding requirements – a simple way to document and demonstrate that apprentices spend 20% of their time away from regular workplace duties.

Benefits for apprentices

Apprentices can access Get-to-Gateway through a web browser, meaning they have access to pre-loaded training material wherever and whenever they need it.

Other benefits include:

  • access to quality learning at any time in any place
  • consistent user experience with an uncluttered home page and ‘at a glance’ view of progress
  • works on all mainstream browsers and across devices
  • multimedia content that continually challenges apprentices to consider and apply newfound knowledge to the workplace
  • easy to ask for help from as assessor/ tutor
  • can store evidence ready to create an end-point assessment showcase.

Benefits for assessors

Get-to-Gateway makes it easy for assessors to manage their caseloads. A single dashboard presents a view of each cohort and flags apprentice messages and evidence awaiting attention.

Other benefits include:

  • manage users, programmes, tasks and reports from a single location with at-a-glance view of apprentice progress
  • agree and set deadlines to guide learning and see alerts when they are in danger of being missed
  • secure audit of all contact between apprentice and assessor
  • work with the apprentice and create end-point assessment showcase.

Benefits for managers

Although we’ll train you to use the Get-to-Gateway ‘back office’, much of the hard work sits with us. We handle the set-up of courses, freeing up time to spend on other activities, and a series of built-in reports provide information about apprentice cohorts or across multiple courses.

A major advantage of Get-to-Gateway is that it integrates with the City & Guilds Walled Garden (if appropriate) for optional/mandatory qualifications within the on-programme apprenticeships.

Other benefits include:

  • simple and quick to implement
  • work with any awarding organisation and/or EPA organisation
  • up-to-date reports across whole programmes
  • tools to support verifiers and quality control
  • dedicated support
  • training.

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