Updated Remote Testing solution for Functional Skills

Earlier this year we introduced our web-based e-volve Test at Home solution to support a number of assessments during the Covid-19 period.

We have been working on a Test at Home solution for our Functional Skills customers, and we are pleased to introduce this for Functional Skills learners.

The updated Functional Skills Test at Home model is an interim solution which we are offering to our centres whilst we develop a fully integrated solution in spring 2021. It is quality assured by City & Guilds so that we can ensure the security and validity of our high stakes qualifications such as Functional Skills.

Here are some key points to note;

  • This is for Functional Skills maths and English (reading and writing) on-screen exams only
  • It can be used for legacy and reformed maths and English (reading and writing) exams
  • Our approved Virtual Technology applications are Go To Meeting, WebEx and Microsoft Teams (no free services can be used)
  • The customer provides the invigilator, City & Guilds provides quality assurance

For Essential Skills Wales, we are hoping to update on remote invigilation shortly.

Future roadmap for our remote invigilation service

As mentioned above, we are also working on a fully integrated remote invigilation solution which will be a full web-based remote invigilation service, with our partner invigilators supplied. The service will be rolled out next year in spring 2021.

Prior to the full roll out we will be contacting a discrete number of centres for a controlled pilot in the new year.

If you are interested in the interim Test at Home for Functional Skills and/or the fully integrated Remote Invigilation solution, please can you fill in the form below and we will get in contact with you to discuss further.

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