Page Updated 30 June

Updated Remote Testing solution with quality approval – Covid 19

This Tests at Home model with quality approval is an interim solution that is quality assured by City & Guilds so that we can ensure the security and validity of high stakes qualifications such as these.

Here are some key points to note;

  • For Functional Skills, this is for maths and English (reading and writing) on-screen exams only
  • It can be used for legacy and reformed Functional Skills maths and English (reading and writing) exams
  • This is for Essential Skills Application of number and Communication on-screen exams only
  • For Health and Social Care: Core it is for the on-screen exams only
  • Our approved virtual technology applications are Zoom, Go To Meeting, WebEx and Microsoft Teams (no free services can be used)
  • The customer provides the invigilator, City & Guilds provides quality assurance
  • You will need to be approved for this interim solution

For all other web-based e-volve tests, please visit our dedicated Tests at Home webpage.

If you are interested in the interim Tests at Home for these qualifications, please can you fill in the form below and we will get in contact with you to discuss further.

Complete the form

Once you have been approved to deliver our interim solution for these qualifications you will be given a password to access the following guidance:

Future roadmap for our Remote Invigilation Service

Our Remote Invigilation Service is now live. This new service is available for all existing City & Guilds centres and for most of our e-volve tests. If you want to know more, please visit our Remote Invigilation webpage.

Tests at Home will continue to be available till August 31, 2021. Keep an eye out for upcoming updates.


What do I need to do to get approval to offer online tests?

You will need to complete a simple online application form which will be reviewed by our Quality Delivery Team and they will be in touch with the status of your approval within 5 working days. If you need to follow this up, please contact

What do I need to do to offer the online tests?

Please refer to our comprehensive guidance notes which will be sent out to you within 3 working days following your approval to deliver this solution. This guidance also includes details of which systems can be used to carry our remote invigilation.

Do I need to do a practice test before carrying out online tests?

Yes – it is recommended that you do this via a navigation test so that all parties understand what they need to do and that the technology works.

The City & Guilds and ILM team is on hand to provide customer support, technical support, and to meet any other needs. You can access front-line support by phone – 0192 4930 800 (option 5).

Do the invigilators need to fill out any paperwork for each online test?

Yes – for each online test you will be required to complete an invigilation checklist.

Do we need to complete all the normal invigilation paperwork as they would always done?

No – centres will just need to fill out the remote invigilation checklists for each candidate and store this centrally for potential audit purposes.

Do you have any instructions for invigilators, learners and apprentices?

Yes, we have full suite of guidance including the use of Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Go To Meeting or Web Ex which will be shared with you can download once you have been approved.

Does the session have to be recorded?

No – you must not record the session and you will be required to complete and store the invigilation checklist for each apprentice and candidates.

Can this remote invigilation solution be used for ICT Functional Skills?

No, the Functional Skills ICT e-volve exams (3748-924, 925) have different resource and security requirements to other Functional Skills e-volve exams. For example, a full MS Office suite is required on the PC/ laptop used and Adobe Reader is required to access and view the source documents. In addition, the invigilator is responsible for ensuring that all candidate material produced during the exam is deleted afterwards. Further to this, there are increased security risks due to the fact that the exam requires the candidate to access files and folders on their own equipment. Due to these additional requirements, we are unable to offer ICT exams using either the Test At Home or third-party Remote Invigilation solutions at this stage.

Is there any specific documentation for Essential Skills in Wales?

We held a webinar in February 2021 and the recording is available or you can download the Introduction deck. Once you have been approved to deliver this solution, please refer to the detailed guidance in the document library above.