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Remote Invigilation

Remote Invigilation

Our new Remote Invigilation Service allows tests on our e-volve platform to be taken from home or the workplace, giving more flexibility to your candidates and removing the need to travel to a test centre. We provide experienced City & Guilds invigilators, ensuring the tests remain secure and result in reliable assessment decisions.

Benefits of Remote Invigilation

  • more flexibility around work and other commitments
  • reduced travel costs and time; exams can take place at home or in the workplace
  • reduced exam anxiety by performing test in a familiar environment
  • only one device (PC or laptop) is needed to take the test.
  • continuity of testing in the event of disruptions; Covid-19, extreme weather conditions
  • reduced pressure on testing rooms on-site
  • reduced internal invigilator staff costs
  • increased delivery with more testing opportunities and potential to create new business opportunities
  • reduced overhead costs and less time taken to administer tests; exam logistics such as sourcing, booking and timetabling computer suites for on-line tests and hiring, training and paying for invigilator time.

Qualifications available for remote invigilation

  • drives standardisation of invigilation and provides reviewable evidence of malpractice if required
  • eliminates instances of fraud or impersonation during tests and acts as an effective deterrent to cheating.

Live Remote Invigilation

We provide an online invigilator who supervises a candidate using audio-visual streams and is supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI) monitoring. The invigilator can also provide technical support to the candidate to ensure they can deliver their best performance in the test. The invigilator can pause or terminate the test if they see suspicious behaviour.

Your 5-Step Guide to Live Remote Invigilation

Our new guide will walk you through each of the 5 steps to choosing and ensuring remote invigilation is right for you and your candidates. It aims to give you clear guidance of what you need to do and where you can get support and more information at each step of the journey.


Download the 5-step guide

Remote Invigilation Launch Webinar

Key documents for centres and candidates

We've produced the following key documents to support you and your candidates. Please ensure everyone involved with your remote invigilation test booking reads the centre guide, and also share the candidate guide with your learners before booking and taking the remote invigilation test.

Resources for Centres

Remote Invigilation Centre Guide (PDF) (Updated 24 May 2024) 

Remote Invigilation - Special Consideration (PDF)

Remote Invigilation 5-Step Guide (PDF)

Remote Invigilation - Full Service Launch (PPTX) (Updated 2 November 2021)

Top tips for centres (PDF) 

How to book a test with Remote Invigilation (Video)

Qualifications for Remote Invigilation (PDF) (Updated 2 November 2021)


Resources for Candidates 

How to remove AI applications from your computer (PDF) (Updated 24 May 2024)

Remote Invigilation Environment Checklist (PDF)

Remote invigilation Technology Checklist (PDF)

Remote Invigilation Candidate Guide (PDF) (Updated 24 May 2024)

How to prepare for a Remote Invigilation test (Video)

Troubleshooting a disconnection during the test (Video)

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to do to start using your Remote Invigilation Service?

Existing City & Guilds centres offering e-volve tests have automatic access to our Remote Invigilation Service as of 7 June 2021.

If you are new to City & Guilds you will need to become an approved centre to have access to our Remote Invigilation Service. If you are looking to become a City & Guilds centre, you can find everything you need to know on our dedicated webpage.

What tests are available for remote invigilation?

Our Remote Invigilation Service is available for most of our e-volve tests with the exception of tests that are deemed not suitable for the remote invigilation. A full list of tests available for remote invigilation can be found here.

What do I need to do to book a remote invigilation test?

To book a test you need to have the candidate’s valid e-mail address in Walled Garden.

During the booking, you will need to select the correct remote invigilation type and use the timetable functionality to select the date and time of your candidate’s test. You can find detailed information on how to book remotely invigilated tests in the e-volve Booking Guide.

Two working days after you have made your booking the candidate will receive a tests invite email. It will contain the link to be used by the candidate to join the live invigilation session and a verification code.

How to add the candidate’s e-mail address in Walled Garden?

If you need to add a candidate’s e-mail address in Walled Garden, you can use our new Learner Details Upload Tool. Guidance on how to use the tool can be found here. After you have uploaded the CSV file, it will usually take 24 hours for your changes to take effect. You can contact Customer Services if you need an update to be actioned sooner. Please use this tool only to add or update a candidate’s e-mail address. 

Alternatively, you can continue with our usual process and make changes directly in Walled Garden. For instructions on how to add an email address, please see section Candidate Management / Amend a candidate the Candidate Management section within our Walled Garden user guide. Please be advised that this update will require approval from Customer Services, and it can take up to 3 business days.

How do you authenticate candidates?

Candidates will be asked for their name and a form of photo ID to establish their identity. Additionally, they will have a facial scan taken and be asked for a voice sample.

How does the invigilation work and are the tests still secure?

After the identity of the candidate has been established the invigilator will perform an environment check. They will scan the room with the candidate’s webcam device to ensure the candidate has no access to any unrequired materials or is accessing additional help. Throughout the test, the invigilator is supported by artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor a whole range of audio/visual clues and candidate behaviours, all of which are flagged for review.

What is the cost of Remote Invigilation Service?

The cost for our Live Remote Invigilation Service is 25 GBP, per candidate, per test. This cost includes the invigilator service and access to the invigilation platform. The e-volve test fee is not included.