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Information for students and parents

Information for students and parents

In most cases, you’ll need to contact your centre (school, college or training provider) first before you contact City & Guilds.

We’re not able to release information about results directly to students, so you’ll need to contact your centre if you have any questions about your qualification grade or your certificate.

In some cases, we may need to step in and help.

Find out more on our help for learners webpage.

How do I get my results

Results are released securely by City & Guilds directly to your centre.

They will then release these to you.

Dependent on the qualification, some results can only be released on or after a specific date.

For more information about the results dates for 2023 please visit the results page.

Complaints about my centre

If you have a complaint regarding your centre (school, college or training provider), you must first tell your centre and ask them to follow the internal appeals and complaints procedure.

For any other enquiries, you can contact us by email, telephone or post:

E: feedbackandcomplaints@cityandguilds.com

T: 020 7294 8444

Enquiries and appeals

Students (or their parents / guardians) are not able to appeal directly to City & Guilds. All enquiries about results / appeals must be submitted by the centre.

Centres can submit a range of different enquiries / appeals dependent on the type of assessment, such as an exam or an assignment. 

It is not always possible to submit an enquiry for one student. This will depend on the qualification / assessment. The centre may in some cases only be permitted to submit and enquiry / appeal for a full cohort.

Centres must have student consent before they make any application to City & Guilds.

You should contact your centre in the first instance if you are not happy with the grade you have received for an assessment and/or qualification to discuss your options.