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VTQ Timely Results

VTQ Timely Results

Ofqual has issued guidance to all awarding organisations and centres that offer vocational and technical qualifications (VTQs) on the actions required to ensure the timely delivery of results in 2024 and beyond. 

Further information can be found on the Ofqual website.

VTQ centre checkpoint timeline

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VTQ Checkpoint activity

City & will undertake a term-time checkpoint between the Spring and Summer exam series for Technicals and the and before the summer series for T Levels. The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) will be included in the checkpoint activity.

The single checkpoint is designed to ensure City & Guilds understands which learners are expecting a qualification result (Technicals / EPQ) or component result (T Levels) in August 2024 through the submission of ‘estimated completion data’.

This ensures both City & Guilds and our centres ensure learners receive their results when they need them.

The checkpoint activity window will run from Monday 08 April to Tuesday 30 April 2024.

Centres will receive access to learner registration data from Monday 08 April, and must ensure that all ‘estimated completion data’ is submitted, and the centre declaration completed by close of play Tuesday 30 April.

Qualifications in scope

These arrangements will apply to the following City & Guilds Level 2 and Level 3 VTQs which can be used for progression.

Qualification group

T Level Technical Qualifications (TQs)

KS4 Level 2 Technical Awards

KS5 Level 2 Technical Certificates

KS5 Level 3 Technical Qualifications

Extended Project Qualification

List of qualification in scope

Whilst we offer other Level 3, Level 1/2 and Level 2 VTQs these are not normally used for progression and are therefore not in scope of the checkpoint activity.

Note: The checkpoint activity for T Levels will require centres to submit estimated completion data separately at component level, for the core component and the occupational specialism.

Centre responsibilities

It is vital that City & Guilds is able to release results on time.

Failure to meet the term-time checkpoint activity, or submitting incomplete or inaccurate estimated completion data may adversely affect a learner’s result, and as such their progression to higher education or employment.

Any instance where a centre fails to submit all required data or does not respond to information requests will constitute maladministration and will be referred to the City & Guilds compliance team. It is our hope however that all centres will actively engage in the checkpoint activity during 2024 to avoid any such instance.

It is a centres responsibility to ensure;

  • Registrations and all applicable assessment entries are made in Walled Garden for each learner by the published deadline
  • You keep student registration and booking data accurate and up to date throughout the academic year
  • You do not make duplicate bookings for the same assessment, or make bookings for assessments that are not required
  • All students have a single enrolment number, and that any discrepancies (i.e. a student enrolment merge is required) are resolved prior to results being issued
  • All students undertaking an exam have the relevant booking, prior to sitting the exam
  • Exams are administered correctly, and that all paper scripts are securely packaged and returned to the correct address on time and via recorded delivery
  • All estimated completion data is submitted accurately by the published deadline as part of the VTQ Checkpoint
  • That all relevant assessment marks, grades and evidence are submitted to us no later than the published deadline
  • Every student has the marks / grades submitted to enable them the opportunity to complete their qualification (i.e. the Rules of Combination are met)

Withdrawn learners

As part of the checkpoint activity last year, we also asked centres to indicate where a learner had been withdrawn from the programme of study.

This will form part of the checkpoint activity again in 2024 and beyond. However, we will be introducing an additional step to process the withdrawal at the end of the academic year. Any learner marked as withdrawn as part of the checkpoint activity in the current academic year will then cease to be actively enrolled (have an active registration) on the qualification as of 01 September in the next academic year.

Learners will need to be re-registered on the qualification if they return to study in the future. For T Levels the withdrawn learner can be completed at core and occupational specialism component level.

Further details will be shared in the new year as we approach the checkpoint window.

Contingency planning and exam disruption

Updated guidance on handling disruption, such as industrial action, is available from the Department for Education, the regulators, the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) and City & Guilds.

We have updated our guidance in line with the regulators to ensure it is clear to centres their responsibilities, and the steps that must be taken to ensure exams/assessments can continue:

Download the Emergency Situation Assessment Delivery Guidance

Resources for exams officers

Our Exam Support Hub provides essential information you need at every stage of the exam and assessment cycle, including how to register learners, conduct exams, return papers and support for results.

Exam Support Hub

Ofqual also provides resources for exams officers.

Ofqual resources for exams officers

Post-results services

For T Level post-results services, including our access to scripts services, please visit the T Level Resource Hub.

For all other qualifications, please visit the Centre Document Library.