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VTQ Centre Contact Forms and Roles

VTQ Centre Contact Forms and Roles

Information on centre contact roles

Please see below the roles and responsibilities of the Senior Designated Contacts, you can also download our guide.

Senior Designated Contact

This person must have the authority to access all information and progress decisions swiftly throughout the academic year for all matters relating to the delivery of qualifications in scope of Ofqual's VTQ Timely Results. They must hold a senior position within the centre, such as a Senior Leadership Team (SLT) representative with responsibility for qualifications delivery or a Deputy Head / Vice Principal.

All escalations will be made to this person for any issues that arise during the academic year.

They will take overall accountability to ensure;

  • All estimated completion data is submitted accurately by the published deadline as part of the VTQ Checkpoint.
  • That all relevant assessment marks, grades and evidence are submitted to us no later than the published deadline.
  • Every student has marks / grades submitted to enable them the opportunity to complete their qualification (i.e. the Rules of Combination are met).

Senior Designated Exam Office Contact

Each centre must allocate one Senior Designated Exam Office Contact. This person must be the most senior contact within the centre's exam office and will take overall responsibility for ensuring the timely completion of the VTQ Checkpoint Activity and ensure that;

  • Registrations and all applicable assessment entries are made in Walled Garden for each learner by the published deadline.
  • Student registration and booking data are accurate and up to date throughout the academic year.
  • No duplicate bookings are made for the same assessment, or bookings for assessments that are not required.
  • All students have a single enrolment number, and that any discrepancies (i.e. a student enrolment merge is required) are resolved prior to results being issued.
  • All students undertaking an exam have the relevant booking, prior to sitting the exam.
  • Exams are administered correctly to JCQ ICE requirements, and that all paper scripts are securely packaged and returned to the correct address on time and via recorded delivery.

Quality Nominee

Each centre must allocate one Quality Nominee.

The Quality Nominee is the point of contact for your centre for all quality assurance matters. They will be involved in monitoring and supporting quality assurance for T Levels, Technicals and the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) at your centre.

Qualification Lead

Each centre should allocate an overall Qualification Lead for each of the qualification groups in the scope of the Ofqual VTQ Timely Results.

Qualification leads are who we will communicate with regarding T Levels, Technical Qualifications and/or Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). Each person has overarching responsibility for the delivery of the qualifications in each group.