Navigating the UK Skills Challenges Podcast: Episode 3

What does ‘Green’ mean for skills in the 21st Century?

‘Green skills’ is a collective term for the specific knowledge, abilities and values needed to promote the reduction of negative environmental impact in the workplace. 

But despite Local Skills Improvement Plans prioritising green skills, and the topic moving steadily up the agenda at many organisations, there is limited clarity about what this could mean in terms of growth, career pathways and skills . There are also challenges linked to how these should be delivered, both at employer and community level.

To explore this topic, hosts Bryony Kingsland and Kerry Dunkley are joined by Jane Vivian, Programme Manager, West of England Combined Authority. Using examples of tackling skills shortages in her region, Jane shares her insights on the challenges and opportunities of green skills for employers, learners and training providers, including:

  • How traditional job roles are incorporating green elements
  • Green career pathways for younger learners / jobseekers
  • How training providers and colleges can help younger people access green careers
  • Current challenges in delivery of green skills and knowledge
  • How businesses can take an inclusive approach to accessing green skills