Navigating the UK Skills Challenges Podcast: Episode 2

Employability skills – including effective communication and other workplace behaviours, are now essential for those aiming to find employment and progress their careers. The need for employability skills is consistently highlighted by employers, but young people entering the world of work often lack professional skills, and have limited knowledge of their importance at work. 

In the first of two podcasts exploring this topic, Bryony Kingsland and Eric Oliver are joined by our Employability Skills expert, Hilary Gwilliam, in addition to Kira Foster and Robert Cotter, members of the City & Guilds Young Learner Advisory Team. They share insights on the employability challenges faced by young people in the modern workplace, including:

  • Definitions of employability, and employability challenges faced by young people
  • How common educational pathways can fall short in terms of preparing young people for work
  • The role of effective communications in employability
  • Modern expectations among employers – versus those of young employees
  • The challenges and benefits presented by an age-diverse workforce

Upcoming Episode:

Part two of this episode, will focus on tips for hiring new individuals, the significance of work experience, and the obstacles to social mobility in accessing internships.

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