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Navigating the UK Skills Challenges

Welcome to the City & Guilds Insight Podcast series, where we embark on a journey to tackle one of the most pressing issues facing the UK today: bridging the gap in our nation's skill shortages.

At City & Guilds, our mission is centred on empowering individuals, organisations, and economies through skills development. In this 2024 Insight podcast series, we delve into the heart of the post-16 technical skills sector with a bold question: Is it truly possible to overcome the UK's skill shortages?

As we stand at a pivotal moment in history, our workforce faces unprecedented challenges and remarkable opportunities. From technological disruptions, to the demands of a global economy, the path ahead is both daunting and exhilarating.

Navigating UK skills podcast imageBut within every challenge lies the potential for innovation, resilience, and growth. Join us as we shine a light on the intricate dynamics of the UK workforce, showcasing the extraordinary individuals and organisations leading the charge for change.

Through insightful interviews and discussions with experts and sector leaders, we aim to dissect the issues highlighted in the Department of Education's 38 regional Local Skills Improvement Plans released in 2023.

Are you curious about the best practices and innovations already shaping the landscape?

Do you want to understand how skill needs will evolve in the coming years and the implications for your career, business, or life plans? 

Whether you're an employer, a training provider, or an individual seeking guidance, this podcast promises insights and information to inform your decisions.

Come join us as we uncover the challenges and innovations shaping the future of technical skills development.  Your voice matters in this conversation, so leave reviews and comments, you may find your question popping up in a future podcast. 

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Episode 1: Engineering Skills: The Present & Future

In this podcast we explore alongside Craig Smith, Managing Director at Gen2, how employers and training providers can embrace innovation and nurture talent to ensure this sector revolutionises our economy. By fostering collaboration and facilitating knowledge exchange among industries and training institutions, we hope to pave the way for an engineering workforce equipped to flourish in the future.

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