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Confirming your qualification

As well as providing you with a new certificate, we can also confirm (on request), any City & Guilds qualification you may have received. This service is often required when you have a new job offer. We do this by searching our archives for the relevant information, and on our company headed paper, we will write to the relevant person, confirming the qualification you received, and the date it was awarded.

What is my qualification equivalent to?

If you are currently studying for a City & Guilds qualification, or you have recently completed one, then our qualifications comparison webpage should help you understand what your City & Guilds qualification is comparable to in terms of academic qualifications.

However, if it has been a while since you were awarded your City & Guilds qualification and you need to know what it would be comparable to today, then complete the on-line form, selecting comparison request and we'll send you a letter confirming what the mapping would be against the National Qualifications Framework (if possible).

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Travelling to Australia or New Zealand?

If you're emigrating to New Zealand, you may have already been asked to provide confirmation of your qualification. We provide this specialist service directly to the New Zealand Qualifications Authority, and will send them a confirmation of past students’ qualifications on request from the student. Please note that there is a charge for this service.

Please read the important details below:

  • It costs £44 to carry out a search of the City & Guilds archives
  • We cannot guarantee that we will be able verify your qualification. If a search for your records proves unsuccessful, we will issue you with an email confirming the outcome of our search.
  • Each payment is for one search only and is non-refundable, even where a search is unsuccessful. Unfortunately, there are some periods that our records do not cover and in such instances the fee will be returned.

Your chances of a speedy and positive outcome are improved if we get all the right information up front. Please provide as much additional information in your application as possible to help the search succeed.  Including as many of the details below as possible will help ensuring we find your records:

  • Date qualification was achieved
  • Qualification title
  • Centre name and centre number (new and old)
  • Candidate full name
  • Candidate date of birth
  • Candidate enrolment number (if you are unsure of your enrolment number it is recommended that you contact the centre at which you achieved your qualification)

How to Appeal

It is our aim to treat each case fairly and consistently. However, if you disagree with a decision we have made regarding your examination result, you can appeal it.

You should discuss your case with your centre as soon as possible. If your centre agrees with you, they can make an appeal on your behalf.

If you would like feedback on your examination, you should talk to your tutor who will be best placed to discuss your strengths and weaknesses with you.

Logbook Optional Units

If you are looking for logbook optional units, please proceed to the relevant qualification page, where you will find the downloadable units within the ‘centre documents’ section of the relevant level.

Alternatively, you can find the logbook optional units within the qualification pages below.

Hairdressing, Beauty Therapy, Nail Services and Barbering

Customer Service


Hospitality and Catering