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Who are we internationally?

ILM is the UK’s leading provider of leadership, coaching and management qualifications and training. We’ve been part of City & Guilds since November 2001, providing qualifications for learners in the UK and internationally. Our qualifications are delivered globally by:

  • over 2,500 training providers
  • employers in-house
  • City & Guilds-approved centres


Where do we work internationally?

We operate across 8 global regions: Africa, ASEAN (South East Asia), Caribbean and the Americas, East Asia, India, the Middle East, the Pacific and South Asia.


What qualifications do we offer internationally?

ILM provides leadership and management qualifications as well as recognition programmes for training providers and employers. Our customers span all industries and sectors – from small business to governments worldwide.

Our suite of products and services is designed to develop managers and leaders, enabling them to improve staff productivity and drive business performance.

Within this suite you will find flexible leadership and management qualifications, recognition for in-house training, approval for training centres, and full guidance and support services.

There are 5 levels of ILM qualifications, depending on a candidate’s experience. These start from Level 2 (ideal for team leaders) up to Level 7 (more suited to senior management professionals such as CEOs). ILM qualifications are available in 3 formats:

  • Awards: the shortest and most concise qualifications
  • Certificates: providing a broader base of knowledge and skills
  • Diplomas: more comprehensive qualifications


What are the benefits of delivering ILM qualifications?

ILM offers a range of flexible leadership and management qualifications internationally, across all industry sectors, designed to improve the performance and productivity of leaders and managers.

Training providers

The flexibility of our qualifications make it easy to customise your programmes to meet the needs of an employer, a market or even an individual manager.

Over 1 million managers have taken an ILM qualification since we formed in 2001.


Our internationally recognised qualifications add credibility to your training programme and demonstrate commitment to your employees and clients. You’ll also find that they can help you attract and recruit new talent.

Why are we different?

Our leadership, management and coaching qualifications stand out from competition for several reasons:

  • Wide choice
  • Highly flexible
  • Focus on work-based learning
  • Quality assured

Who we work with

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