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Our latest research from Bill Lucas and Ellen Spencer on the future of apprenticeships.

19 February 2015 / Be the first to comment

Demonstrating our continued commitment to apprenticeships we’ve published (in conjunction with members of the City & Guilds Alliance) Remaking Apprenticeships, a report which reviews apprenticeship pedagogy and provides recommendations for how they should be delivered in the future and by whom. The research written by Bill Lucas and Ellen Spencer from the Centre for Real-World Learning also identifies desirable learning outcomes and features of apprenticeships. 

The report’s recommendations include teaching apprentices not only a mastery of their chosen trade and basics such as literacy and numeracy but also embedding core employability skills such as resourcefulness, communication and adaptability to ensure learners have all the skills they need to succeed in the modern workplace. 

The full report is available as a free e-book.

Download a summary version (PDF) >


Download our press release for more information (PDF, 75KB) >

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