Infographic: three decades of skills and employment policy

In pictures: how 30 years of policy changes has affected the skills education landscape

13 October 2014 / Jump to comment (1)

With seven major reviews of policy and responsibility shifting between at least 10 different government departments over the past three decades, the skills and employment landscape has been far from stable. Our infographic plots the shifting timeline and significant changes over the past 30 years.

Click the image for a downloadable PDF version.

City & Guilds' extensive review looks at changes to skills and employment policy over the past three decades - and the knock-on effect for young people, employees and the unemployed as they attempt to navigate the system.

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Hugh Lloyd-Jones

14 October 2014

Useful to have this report setting out the long term short termism in the skills sector. However there was a great resistance to any change in the skills arena in the early eighties and nineties. Also the various government departments have had to 'deal with the devil' when negotiating with the Treasury. There have been very few champions of the 'skills sector' in comparison to say Higher Education.

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