Case Study - Daniel Philip

Daniel turned his life around in Uganda with a City & Guilds qualification

09 April 2012

Medals for Excellence 2011 winner

Qualification: Technician Diploma in Construction
Centre: Realine Polytechnic, Uganda

Daniel Philip always wanted to qualify and work in construction, but wasn’t sure this would be possible as he was growing up. Daniel is Sudanese, and was a child solider during the civil wars in his country. Daniel was able to leave Sudan as a refugee to settle in Uganda with his younger brothers and sisters, who he is taking care of.

On arriving in Uganda Daniel was able to work until he sourced enough money to pay for tuition fees for a Technician Diploma in Construction. Not only did Daniel attend all lessons and excel to top of the class, he also encouraged and inspired fellow Sudanese to study at the Realine Polytechnic to better themselves. Daniel could often be found in the library or on the internet spending extra time researching construction techniques and trends. Daniel was able to complete his vocational training through a local construction company where he enjoyed gaining the hands on experience and putting his theory to use.

Daniel was awarded with a Medal for Excellence in 2011 in recognition of his efforts and achievements. By completing his City & Guilds Diploma Daniel has been able to concentrate on a field he is truly interested in, helping him to progress from his troubled past, discover his potential and help define his career path. His next steps are to complete the Advanced Technician Diploma in Construction that will help him gain employment with a reputable construction company to further build up his skills and knowledge to eventually owning his own construction company, providing students and employees like him opportunities to work in a field they are truly passionate about.


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