The Manchester College Gets Learning Assistance

The Manchester College use e-portfolio for learning assistance

06 April 2012

In 2010, City & Guilds acquired e-portfolio company Learning Assistant and has since been using it's software to simplify the learning journey.

The Learning Assistant software provides a web-based portfolio for learners. Anyone taking or delivering a qualification can access an online system to upload evidence, plan, give feedback, assess, verify and award qualifications.

Improving the experience

The Manchester College has been using Learning Assistant to deliver City & Guilds qualifications more effectively. Ellen Simpson, Curriculum Lead Manager at The Manchester College, has seen how Learning Assistant not only makes life easier for learners and assessors, but improves the whole learning experience.

‘We use Learning Assistant with all of our work-based learners who are completing qualifications in the workplace,’ said Simpson. ‘It means there is no longer a need for portfolios stored in ring binders, which students found time-consuming and which sometimes got lost.’

In addition, assessors do fewer visits to learners on the job – saving time and money. ‘Despite this,’ says Simpson, ‘we are more in touch and connected with the learner, who can send work to an assessor at any time of the day.’

Learner benefits

Danusia Mielczarski is a sales assistant at Aviva Car Insurance and studied her City & Guilds Level 2 Sales qualification at The Manchester College using Learning Assistant.

‘I really enjoyed learning,’ reflects Danusia. ‘The e-portfolio was useful in my on-the-job training because it’s hard to know when you can have time off to meet your assessor. With Learning Assistant the assessor didn’t have to come to the office – they could get my work instantly online. It helped me complete my course much more quickly.’

With Danusia finding out she was pregnant after starting her course, she managed to finish her 11-month course in just six months. ‘I wouldn’t have been able to complete my qualification on time without Learning Assistant,’ she says.

Better assessment

Danusia’s assessor, Helen Coogan, works for The Manchester College. ‘I found Learning Assistant so easy to use and candidates find it easy as well,’ says Coogan. ‘As we progress through the course we get more involved in Learning Assistant, and candidates can use it to cross-reference their work. I only hear positive things about it.’


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