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15 May 2012 / Be the first to comment

City & Guilds learner Alexa Pereira Wilding is proving that talent and determination are key to breaking into the world of photography.


Being a successful photographer isn’t purely about the right lighting, the right lens and the right timing. Most professional photographers work freelance, and need to be as comfortable running a business as they do running a shoot, making it a daunting career for a hobbyist who wants to make the break into the industry.

Ex-actress Alexa Pereira Wilding decided to change career and start a Photo Imaging Level 3 qualification at Morley College in London to develop her skills and prove her determination. Alexa explains why: ‘It is not essential to have qualifications to work in photography but it shows a determination and that you are taking it seriously.’

The right course

Alexa was confident that the course would give her everything she needed not only to take great photos, but also to understand the commercial side of the industry. ‘I chose this course because it provided a year of study covering all the areas I wanted to learn: lighting, photo-editing and project work as well as the business side of photography,’ she says.

With this newfound business sense, Alexa is already starting to carve a niche out in the marketplace: ‘I am currently building my portfolio and have just set up my website. I love fashion portraits and shooting performers at work and am currently photographing theatre and film production stills.’

Award winner

In 2011, Alexa began to reap the rewards of her learning, when she won first place in the national City & Guilds Photography Competition. ‘I am now more confident in my abilities and winning the City & Guilds Photography Competition was the icing on the cake! I was totally thrilled to have won as this is a very prestigious competition.’

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