City & Guilds Career Guidance Report

Report shows career guidance misses vocational training

06 April 2012

A new report released by the City & Guilds Centre for Skills Development (CSD)  reveals a lack of knowledge of the benefits of vocational education.

One of the New Directions careers guidance report’s key findings is that those between the ages of 14 and 20 do not get the quality of work experience required to fully explore their options for working life. Nick Grist, Head of CSD said, ‘Young people told us that their work experience is limited, and that they’re not being given much responsibility.’

Getting used to work

Despite this, the Centre for Skills Development's report found that learners recognise the importance of industry placements: ‘Young people also told us that they felt work experience could help them adjust to work,’ said Grist, ‘and learn about what qualifications they needed to get there.’ Learners also criticised the accessibility of vocational advice and guidance.

The most widely used source of careers guidance by the 1,620 young people sampled was parents, with only 42% of learners finding it easy to get further advice on their future careers.

Improving guidance

A quarter claimed they did not receive any information or advice whatsoever from anyone on their choice of qualification or career, which could help to explain why only 56% of learners considered vocational qualifications as high quality, compared with 80% saying the same about general academic qualifications.

Grist believes that a greater understanding is needed. ‘Outdated, negative perceptions could be driving young people away from what could be the best choice for them,’ he said. ‘Not enough is being done to educate parents – and teachers – about the benefits of vocational education.’


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