Opinion: Ofsted's 'Apprenticeship for Young People Report'

Opinion: Chris Jones responds to Ofsted's 'Apprenticeships for Young People report'.

12 April 2012 / Be the first to comment

Chris Jones, CEO and Director General of City & Guilds responds to Ofsted’s ‘Apprenticeships for Young People’ report.

"City & Guilds welcomes a number of the report’s recommendations, particularly the need to improve the availability of careers information advice and guidance so young people can make informed and independent choices and more recognised progression routes for apprentices – both key priorities for City & Guilds. For example, we are investing in higher level apprenticeships that go beyond levels 3 and 4 and exploring the feasibility of offering our own vocational degrees.

Working with employers and learning providers, we deliver the largest number of apprenticeships in the UK. We are therefore dedicated to high quality provision that improves lives and business performance and are proud of the many exceptional apprenticeships that are being delivered through our customers, such as McDonald’s – referenced in the report as a good practice provider.

We believe it is critical for the success of the UK economy that after decades of neglect we re-establish the apprenticeship model as an important route to a top career. Our recent research (The Economic Value of Apprenticeships, February 2012) revealed that UK businesses would benefit from a £4.37 billion boost if a million extra apprenticeship places are created by 2013."

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