Opinion: Response to BBC's Panorama programme

Opinion: Chris Jones responds to BBC's Panorama's The Great Apprenticeship Scandal programme.

02 April 2012

Chris Jones, CEO and Director General of City & Guilds responds to Panorama’s The Great Apprenticeship Scandal programme, 2 April 2012.

"It was disappointing that Panorama chose to present such a one-sided view of apprenticeships. Rather than talk positively about their role in job creation, improving skills levels and supporting business growth, the BBC helped to reinforce the negative perceptions of apprenticeships.

There is clearly evidence of poor practice among certain training providers but there is also a much greater number of committed organisations who work together to make the apprenticeship programme a success.

As the awarding organisation that works with partners to deliver the largest numbers of apprenticeships in the UK, we are dedicated to high quality provision that improves lives and business performance and we are proud of the many exceptional apprenticeships that are being delivered through our customers.

We are also confident about the return on investment provided by quality apprenticeships to the UK economy, the employer and the individual - as demonstrated by our recent report on the Economic Value of Apprenticeships, published as part of our Million Extra campaign."


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