April Fools: City & Guilds announces major investment in moon training and qualifications

New ‘Moonits’ to tackle anticipated skills gaps in intergalactic development

01 April 2014 / Be the first to comment

Practical living on the moon is one step closer thanks to a major investment from the City & Guilds Group. The new line of unit-based qualifications – known as ‘Moonits’ - and learning materials will be specifically aimed at future moon inhabitants. They will be available in the UK from 2015, and internationally from 2016.

They will equip people who wish to live in space with the practical skills they need to sustain a community, ranging from Level 2 Carpentry in Low Gravity to Level 5 Horticulture in Hazardous Environments.

The commercialisation of space travel means it won’t be long until permanent lunar dwellings are commissioned. However, there are numerous logistical concerns, like how to construct homes in a state of weightlessness. Through courses in Cosmic Construction, future space residents will learn how to create and maintain buildings that can withstand even the most extreme conditions.

Another essential element of space living is food preparation, which prompted the development of Culinary Skills for Solar Sustenance. The courses cover how to prepare food solely from the main source of power in space, the sun.

Speaking about the announcement, Chris Jones, Chief Executive of the City & Guilds Group said: ‘Today, City & Guilds is holding a Skills Symposium, bringing together business leaders to discuss the skills we’ll need in 2025. But we also need to think more long-term; we need to think about 2050 and beyond.

‘We must do all we can to address potential skills gaps now and equip the moon’s future community with the practical, contextualised training they need to succeed in the future.’

Flora Pilos, an expert in space skills who has been working with City & Guilds to develop the qualifications, said: ‘City & Guilds is certainly at the forefront of lunar skills development. It’s certainly a case of ‘one small step for skills, one giant leap for skills kind’.

‘The moon provides an unparalleled opportunity to forge new ground and create a thriving, productive community. We know that the moon is the future, and it’s absolutely crucial that we’re prepared. I hope more companies will start to follow City & Guilds’ lead and see how they too can get involved in developing the moon’s future economy.’

The training programmes are being developed in partnership with the British Organisation of Regenerative Growth (BORG) and composed of individual Moon Units (Moonits). 

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