Changes to 24+ advanced learning loans for apprenticeships

City & Guilds responds to the Government's plans to drop 24+ advanced learning loans for apprenticeships

17 December 2013 / Be the first to comment

Chris Jones, Chief Executive of City & Guilds, shares his thoughts on the news that the Government will be dropping the 24+ advanced learning loan system for apprenticeships: 

‘There were always concerns around 24+ loans, even before they were introduced. Given the embarrassingly low take-up, it is not surprising that the Government is dropping the advanced learning loans for apprenticeships. 

‘As we said in our response to the Autumn Statement, too much bureaucracy is detrimental to the education system - particularly where apprenticeships are concerned. This is just another example of red tape getting in the way of progress.

‘What we need to see now from the Government is stability. There have been so many changes and developments in policy of late, and this to-ing and fro-ing is damaging the education system. We can’t afford any more U-turns or short-sighted policies being implemented. If we want the UK to have world-class education provision, we need a solid, consistent and embedded system that meets the needs of both learners and employers. 

‘The bottom line is that whatever happens, learners must be at the heart of the review. We have to ensure that their learning journey isn't jeopardised, and that nothing gets in the way of them achieving their aspirations.’

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