Don't forget about unemployed young people

City & Guilds responds to ONS unemployment figures

17 December 2014 / Be the first to comment

The ONS reported its unemployment figures today, and they've noted improvement from the previous quarter.

However, City & Guilds urges people to look beyond the surface figures and not lose sight of struggling young people.

Chris Jones, Chief Executive of City & Guilds, said:

'It is encouraging to see so many more people in work this Christmas compared to the same time last year. But we shouldn’t let this good news lull us into a false sense of security because the figures tell us only part of the story.

'If we are seeing more people in work, why are we still seeing skills gaps in a number of different industries? And there are still disgracefully high numbers of young people out of work, with seemingly little change since the summer. This is no cause for celebration.

'Unemployment policy needs to be about more than tomorrow’s headline, or winning the next election. If we are to build a truly robust economy, with opportunities for meaningful employment for everyone, we need better long-term planning of employment policy that takes into account where the skills gaps of the future will be.

'And we need to see closer links between careers advice services in schools and Local Enterprise Partnerships so that young people know where the jobs are in their area.

'Let’s hope all parties make a New Year’s resolution to look at long-term solutions, so that unemployment becomes a tragedy of Christmas past.'

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