Remaking apprenticeships

City & Guilds Alliance report examines the learning relationship between apprentices and employers

15 December 2014 / Be the first to comment

The City & Guilds Alliance is delighted to announce the launch of its first report, Remaking Apprenticeships. Founding partners of the Alliance are City & Guilds, 157 Group, Centre for Real-World Learning at the University of Winchester and the Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP). The Alliance acts as a collective independent voice to provide thought leadership and guidance in the sector and actively promotes the need for more applied research in vocational education. 

At City & Guilds, and among the Alliance, we believe that now is a time of true opportunity for apprenticeships. Collectively we have a chance to work together to create a world-class apprenticeship system striving to achieve high youth employment, a highly-skilled workface, productive industries and a high-yield economy.  Recent Government reforms are providing a platform for discussion, but there still isn’t complete alignment about how this should be achieved and implemented. 

Written by acclaimed researchers in vocational and expansive education, Bill Lucas and Ellen Spencer, Remaking Apprenticeships analyses the fundamental learning relationship between the apprentice and employer and explores learning methods and the desirable learning outcomes of apprenticeships. Download the summary report >

Additionally, the report looks at the issues that have stopped apprenticeships from reaching their potential in the UK in recent decades, including the interference of successive governments, which have led this once well-respected training route to gain a poor reputation. It notes that apprenticeships now need to be clearly defined and re-branded so they once again become synonymous with the very highest quality.

Speaking about the report, Kirstie Donnelly MBE, UK Managing Director of City & Guilds, said:

‘With all eyes on the UK skills sector, now is a time of great change and also huge opportunity and it’s vital that we seize this with both hands. We are being given an unprecedented chance to shape the future of apprenticeships for generations to come and we must all step up to the mark and ensure we get it right, for everyone’s sake.’

City & Guilds is well placed to comment on the skills debate with a rich heritage in skills and apprenticeships provision that dates back the length of our 136 year history. Earlier this year we advised the DEMOS commission on apprenticeships and we published another report, Sense and Instability, which considers the detrimental impact of 30 years of constant flux in the UK skills sector. Remaking Apprenticeships makes a compelling case for putting learning back into apprenticeships and concludes that everyone involved needs to work together towards one common goal with clearly defined roles and with employers leading the way.

Remaking apprenticeships

See the summary report, Remaking Apprenticeships.

If you have any comments or questions regarding the report, get in touch:


About the City & Guilds Alliance

The City & Guilds Alliance is an active strategic partnership of leading vocational education, training and research organisations. Our mission is to work collaboratively to represent the interests of the FE, training and skills sector to support and achieve the delivery of world class teaching, learning and assessment.

Founding partners are City & Guilds, 157 Group, Centre for Real-World Learning at the University of Winchester and the Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP). Additional associate partners will be invited to influence, support and actively collaborate as required by the Alliance partnership.

The Alliance will focus activity on achieving the following key outcomes:

  • Act as a collective independent voice to provide thought leadership and guidance in the sector
  • Actively promote the need for more applied research in vocational education
  • Develop applied vocational pedagogy research through observed practice and projects, especially in the area of apprenticeships
  • Embed and promote best-practice through dissemination and published support materials
  • To use research and findings to inform City & Guilds product and service development to support improvement and innovation in the sector
  • Facilitate engagement of the sector to proactively innovate the integration of policy, research and practice.

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