Santa recognised for investing in skills

City & Guilds reveals Santa's most in-demand skills of 2014

19 December 2014 / Be the first to comment

Employers all over the world are struggling to find workers with the right skills, except for Santa. He doesn’t have any trouble recruiting and filling roles, and that’s drawing attention from industry experts.

City & Guilds is urging governments and employers to learn from Santa’s world-class training model.

Santa operates a large scale, multinational operation that depends on a strong workforce. He uses market information to understand what skills his elves need – not only this year, but also in the future.

He knows that any gap in skills could cripple the whole operation, which is why he invests so heavily in training. Because of that investment, his workforce will always have the right talent.

A crucial part of Santa’s strategy is to help recruits get up to speed from day one.

All new elves start by learning about the business through an interactive e-learning programme. Once they’ve completed it, they start working towards a qualification through an apprenticeship.

But elf learning doesn’t stop once they’ve mastered their role.

They keep gaining new skills, which means their abilities are always relevant and current. There’s a strong emphasis on continual professional development, and helping elves progress into the next job.

Many become managers, and are encouraged to develop coaching and leadership skills.

Chris Jones, Chief Executive of the City & Guilds Group, a global leader in skills development, praised Santa’s dedication to his workforce.

‘Santa has found the ultimate formula for a company’s long-term success. He uses data to predict future job growth, and trains his elves to match those roles.

'It’s also great to see how he supports new recruits without forgetting to up-skill his current staff. That means his team will always have the ability to make the holiday season a success.

‘It’s not easy to plan beyond Christmas, but Santa knows how many people throughout the world depend on him. The UK could learn a lot from his strategy.’

Santa invests in different areas each year. Working with City & Guilds, he’s revealed this year’s most in-demand skills:

The seven most in-demand skills of Santa

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