City & Guilds wins £12m project in Jamaica

City & Guilds have just won a £12m(GBP) contract to deliver a number of different qualifications in Jamaica over a 10 year period.

06 December 2019

City & Guilds was awarded the project by the Government of Jamaica, which will see them deliver qualifications in Maths Skills and English Skills, Engineering, the Skills Proficiency Awards and Customer Service.

Kirstie Donnelly MBE – Managing Director City & Guilds said: “Over the next decade as a result of this contract City & Guilds will certify over 250,000 young Jamaicans having a huge impact on their working lives, social mobility and overall helping to fulfil their hopes and aspirations.”

City & Guilds have a long history of working in Jamaica, which spans over 60 years, working with the Government as well as numerous technical schools and universities. Between 2011 and 2019, we awarded 96,000 certificates to students in Maths and English alone.

We have also awarded 3300 digital badges for our Customer Service qualification for young people looking to work in the Global Services Sector Kirstie Donnelly MBE continued: “We recognize the huge responsibility of having stewardship for 300 centres in a country the size of Jamaica and the impact we are making on this country’s development in the area of skills training. We are proud of our record to date and committed to doing even better in the future.”

The City & Guilds is a charity who reinvest all of our profits back into the education system, investing in the development of the quality skills of the future globally. We are now one of the most widely recognised skills development businesses in the world operating across 50 countries, working closely with business leaders, to develop, assess and recognise the most in-demand skills.