Learning during change

Looking back on the year we have learnt so much. I would like to share some of our keys thoughts and insights with you as we forward to a new year

15 December 2020

Learning through change

We are in this together:

If there is something 2020 taught us all is that we are more similar than we are different, our countries and societies may look different from the outside in, but our needs and vulnerabilities are the same wherever we are, we are united by a powerful bond which is our fragile human condition, and this bond makes it so fundamental that we remain connected, and share empathy and compassion towards one another.

We are resilient,

and our resiliency is strengthened when we act as one: I am immensely proud of the skills training sector all over the world. I work with employers, training providers, colleges, schools and government agencies from Hong Kong to Jamaica. This year we were all asked to step up and step forward into the world of technology. Developing and adopting novel assessment models and blended learning pedagogy to keep our learners engaged and achieving. The leap was immense and significant and show how much we can accomplish when united by a strong purpose.

Technology is a friend, not a foe:

Open for businessif 2020 had one key enabler, in my view, it was technology. It enabled us to stay connected, remain learning and achieving despite so many areas of our lives shutting down around us. It sure demands we do things differently and adjust the way we teach, the way we learn and how we recognise achievements. Still, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities we now know exists.

The future is here, let’s do what we do best and make it prosperous and equitable for everyone.
The hospitality industry is one of the most cross-cultural, multi-faceted, dynamic, innovative industries in the world. It is my firm belief that this industry will bounce back.

We rely on you and stand with you as key pillars of this industry, building the talent pipeline and helping those who might have been displaced during this challenging year. Let's get their skills recognised and visible so they can rejoin the industry they love.

We stand together, resilient and making the best use of technology to create a better future for all.