Infographic: is an apprenticeship right for you?

Our infographic explores the hows and whys of taking up an apprenticeship in a step by step guide

28 February 2014 / Be the first to comment

Whether you're a school leaver or at a crossroads in your career, you’re probably thinking about what to do next. What’s the right path and what should you do now to better prepare for the career you want? An apprenticeship could be just the ticket.

In our infographic we've explored all the hows and whys of taking up an apprenticeship - all laid out for you in an easy to digest step-by-step guide.  We’ve tackled key questions that need answering in your decision-making process: What is an apprenticeship? Is it right for me? How do I apply? What will I gain? And what will happen when I complete it?

There's also a couple of links to videos. We met and interviewed past and current apprentices in a range of careers to see how they started out. 

  • UK spoken word artist, Suli Breaks, takes two school leavers to Microsoft to find out about what an apprenticeship in software development could do for them. Dominic Gill, the apprenticeship lead at Microsoft UK, expresses his views on apprentices and reveals that 60% of owner managers started out on an apprenticeship route.
  • The second video takes a look in to the hair and beauty industry. Kate Murnane, jewellery designer at Dolly Bow Bow, has interviewed top professionals within the industry who started their career with apprenticeships. 

To celebrate the success and positive impact that apprenticeships have on the workplace, The National Apprenticeship Service co-ordinates a National Apprenticeship Week every year. This year National Apprenticeship Week takes place from 3 to 7 March 2014. It aims to promote all apprenticeship levels, demonstrating that apprenticeships create excellent opportunities for employers and apprentices, forming great businesses and opening doors for thriving prospects.

You're welcome to use our infographic on your website or blog.

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