Too clever for apprenticeships?

Are young people getting the right careers advice from schools and parents?

11 February 2014 / Be the first to comment

Are some people simply too clever for vocational education?

Nearly a quarter of young people were told that exact thing, according to new research from The Edge Foundation. That's not surprising when you consider that less than a third of parents surveyed think that vocational education is worthwhile.

What parents think about education has an enormous influence on what choices their kids make.

In fact, City & Guilds Group research shows that over a third of employed young people were motivated to choose their current job by their parents. The influence of parents is even more relevant now considering how many young people are struggling to find work.

So why don't parents recognise the benefits of or see the opportunities it can lead to? Why do they believe university is the only ticket to a 'good job'?

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