First Operational Delivery Apprenticeship Scheme launched by City & Guilds and Civil Service Operational Delivery Profession

The Civil Service Operational Delivery Profession have launched a new apprenticeship scheme, offering young, talented people the opportunity to begin a rewarding career in the Operational Delivery Profession – the part of central and local government that helps to keep the country running.

06 February 2015 / Jump to comment (2)

Do you know a young, talented person who would like a great career keeping the country running? Let them know about the exciting new Operational Delivery Apprenticeship Scheme, recently launched by the Civil Service and City & Guilds. 

This new apprenticeship scheme is a way for young, talented people to begin a rewarding career in the Operational Delivery Profession – the part of central and local government that helps to keep the country running.  

Jake McClure, Assistant Director of Talent, Accreditation and Overseas Delivery for the profession says: 

“This influx of fresh talent into operational delivery, with the potential to progress, is an exciting step in putting our profession in the best possible position to deliver the 21st century services UK citizens at home and abroad demand.  The scheme will give apprentices great opportunities to develop all the skills, knowledge and behaviours operational delivery professionals need to make sure that millions of UK citizens and businesses get the services and protection they need.”

Apprentices will work towards a Level 2 Award in Operational Delivery (Principles) and a Level 3 Certificate in Operational Delivery (Advanced). These qualifications, combined with on-the-job experience, coaching and mentoring will help them develop the knowledge needed for employment as well as career progression on the front line in different public-facing environments. 

Yolanda Peck, who is leading the City & Guilds relationship with public sector employers, believes that: ‘This Level 3 apprenticeship scheme offers a real alternative to full-time education and, if successful, it will lead to a permanent job in the Civil Service.  Successful apprentices will gain City & Guilds qualifications, to take with them throughout their career.’

Recruitment is underway and various government departments have signed up to take on around 300 apprentices this year, with the first recruits starting in the summer. This new Operational Delivery Apprenticeship Scheme will run each year, alongside the Level 4 Fast Track Apprenticeship Scheme. 

Visit the government website before March 16 2015 for more information on how to apply.

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Andrew Selwyn

08 February 2015

Wish this opportunity was there when I was looking. Apprenticeships have an even greater appeal today as Well done ODP.


22 April 2016

At last! Someone with real exeiptrse gives us the answer. Thanks!

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