The City & Guilds Group acquires The Oxford Group

The City & Guilds Group has acquired The Oxford Group, further strengthening its offer for global employers

04 February 2015 / Be the first to comment

The City & Guilds Group is pleased to announce that it has acquired The Oxford Group.

The Oxford Group is a global management training, leadership development and executive coaching company, with an impressive track record of helping organisations get the best from their people.

The move enhances the City & Guilds Group’s offer to employers. As a global leader in skills development, the Group develops and nurtures the skills employers need to grow their businesses.

Both the City & Guilds Group and The Oxford Group have the same goal, explained Chris Jones, Chief Executive of the City & Guilds Group.

‘Across the world, business and political leaders are worried about building the skills of individuals to help businesses and economies grow,’ Chris said.

‘That is the reason that the City & Guilds Group exists and why we are so thrilled to welcome The Oxford Group into our organisation.’

And they have more in common than helping businesses grow. Both organisations have strong brands and complementary values, which is why they’re such a good fit, according to Nigel Purse, Chairman of The Oxford Group.

‘We set up The Oxford Group in 1987 to make a difference to business life and business performance through the development of people,’ he said.

‘After several decades of building our business, we are delighted to begin a new chapter by joining the City & Guilds Group. We will be able to offer even more services and support to our clients across the world.’

Together, they will work with 350 employers worldwide – such as GE, Pfizer, Nikon, McDonald’s and SAB Miller.

The acquisition builds on the existing partnership between The Oxford Group and City & Guilds Kineo – the leading workplace learning company – which has already delivered outstanding results for Barclays, as well as an award-winning blended learning programme for Coats.

Read the full press release [PDF, 93KB] >

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