We are launching a new, modern look for our certificates

New certificates coming soon

09 February 2018 / Jump to comments (4)

We're excited to announce that from 19 March 2018 we'll be rolling out our new certificates that have undergone a complete refresh, and feature a stylish, modern design, along with high-quality elements including a hologram for greater security.

The certificate represents City & Guilds at its finest: as a mark of quality and a brand you can trust.

We hope you and your learners love the fresh, new look.

We’ve developed a handy customer guide to give you a taster of the stylish modern design.

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Terri Sherwin

15 March 2018

Overall it looks fine, but the qualification title looks rather insignificant in size and location.

Mohammad Waseem

28 March 2018

It certainly has a much more sophisticated & contemporary appearance...

sheena bruce

14 August 2018

It's a shame that the font size and style are so bland. It makes the whole certificate look like less of an achievement. Also how are employers, parents or the candidates themselves expected to identify what type of certificate it is from the curious code of different shapes?

Rene Banks

04 September 2018

I really like the look of the new City & Guilds certificates, they are excellent.
They look right up to date and modern, well done City & Guilds.

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