Going the distance

At just 19, Stacie Guiel is already two and a half years into her dream career in the travel sector.

27 January 2014 / Be the first to comment

Opportunity came knocking when Stacie Guiel was one of just 60 people picked from around 500 applicants to take part in a Level 4 management training course with her employer TUI Travel.

Her determination and enthusiasm also led to her being presented with a City & Guilds Medal for Excellence last year.

‘I always wanted to work in the travel industry,’ says Stacie, who had been taking AS Levels in travel and tourism, business and Spanish when she made the leap into vocational training. ‘I went on a cruise holiday when I was younger so initially I wanted to work on cruise ships. When the opportunity for an apprenticeship in travel services with TUI came up, I took it.

‘It appealed to me because you get to do the job itself while learning, so you gain the knowledge while also having the experience to support it,’ she says.

After joining TUI, Stacie spent seven months completing her Level 2 City & Guilds qualification, and then her Level 3, which she finished three months ago.

Her excitement at moving onwards and upwards in the industry is apparent: ‘This new management diploma opportunity will be a big step up and a lot more responsibility. It will involve a daily role working as an assistant manager and doing one-to-one sessions with other colleagues.’

Continuing with her vocational education was an easy decision for Stacie, who says the structured nature of the qualification suited her ambition.

‘It meant I could take a lot of initiative while working on my qualification,’ she says. ‘This helped me know what was expected of me, which meant I could constantly move forward with the next steps of the qualification.’

Stacie’s self-starter attitude attracted the attention of her regional managers, who nominated her for a City & Guilds Medal for Excellence.

‘It was a huge shock when I got the call to say I had won as I didn’t even know I had been put forward for it,’ Stacie says. ‘It was great hearing feedback from my managers about how far I’ve come already. Being able to put this on my CV is a great achievement.’

Looking to the future, Stacie plans to continue working in the travel retail sector in the south coast English town of Worthing. ‘I’m looking forward to seeing where it takes me,’ she says. ‘I love my job because I like being in the position of making someone’s dream holiday perfect for them.’

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