Robots versus humans: the race for employment

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28 January 2014 / Be the first to comment

Who would win in a fight between robots and humans?

It's the premise of countless sci-fi films, which usually involve the machines becoming too smart and threatening to wipe out humanity.

Back to reality and the robots are actually rapidly gaining on us in one area: jobs.

Research from Oxford University shows that almost half of today's jobs will be automated by the year 2034. This has dramatic implications for our workforce. And the impact is already being felt.

According to this article from The Economist, robots can detect illness more accurately than doctors when sifting through medical records.

In fact, robots are already deeply embedded into the medical industry and assist in everything from filling prescriptions to performing surgery.

With a robot's precision and access to endless information, can humans compete?

Of course we can, but not if we keep relying on an education model from the Victorians.

Read Chris Jones' full blog post from the Huffington Post.

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