Change from Qualification Framework to RQF

Qualification Framework has been replaced by the RQF (Regulated Qualification Framework)

06 January 2016 / Be the first to comment

What is TQT and what happened to QCF?

QCF (Qualification and Credit Framework) has now closed and Ofqual have introduced one framework for all qualifications from GCSE to vocational.

QCF has been replaced by the RQF (Regulated Qualification Framework). All qualifications are now built on RQF and are subject to these conditions. A useful PDF outlining these changes can be found here

Ofqual have requested that all awarding organisations must remove references to QCF from their websites, qualification titles and documents. This must be completed by the 31 December 2017. We would advise centres to try and avoid using the term QCF in their marketing collateral, this is not a requirement for centres however but a recommendation.

Part of the new RQF is the requirement for all qualifications, that will be open to registrations post 31 December 2017, to have TQT (Total Qualification Time) allocated to them. The deadline for this is also the 31 December 2017. Useful information explaining the TQT criteria can be found here.

TQT is comprised of the following two elements:

  • the number of hours which an awarding organisation has assigned to a qualification for Guided Learning, and
  • an estimate of the number of hours a Learner will reasonably be likely to spend in preparation, study or any other form of participation in education or training, including assessment, which takes place as directed by – but, unlike Guided Learning, not under the Immediate Guidance or Supervision of – a lecturer, supervisor, tutor or other appropriate provider of education or training.

GLH (Guided Learning Hours) remains in place and credits can remain but are not mandatory.

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