Infographic: Technology in FE

We explore attitudes to learning technology and barriers to its full usage in the FE sector

30 June 2014 / Jump to comment (1)

As part of our mission to encourage the FE sector to better understand learning technology, we surveyed over 600 FE professionals to understand their views and current usage.

Our infographic shows that 79% believe technology has the power to positively impact teaching and learning, while only 29% currently use all the tech available to them. We explore the barriers to embedding technology fully within FE.

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Infographic: Technology in Further Education

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Ken Ellis

17 July 2015

The use of technology is very important in the current climate of education. It can embed flip learning and in the case of vocational programmes save on very cost weighted resources. The students have fun learning when using tools such as Kahoot and tutors can track and measure learning with tools such as FELTAG. It is an amazing way forward.

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