Inspirational instructor receives City & Guilds President's Award

Inspirational instructor receives City & Guilds President's Award

10 June 2013 / Be the first to comment

Barrie Howes, a tutor from Higham, Kent, has received the City & Guilds President’s Award in recognition of his outstanding professional achievements. He received his award from Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal at Buckingham Palace at the annual Prince Philip Medal ceremony. 

Barrie has been described as ‘the most dedicated and inspirational instructor’ at the Royal School of Military Engineering in Kent, where he has taught for nearly 20 years. 

Originally an apprentice himself, Barrie now teaches computer controlled machining and engineering qualifications and was recognised for his tireless efforts in searching for means to transfer his extensive knowledge to his students in innovative and exciting ways. He is known for embracing new technology and encouraging students to use smartphone apps to write engineering programmes. 

Barrie’s effectiveness as a teacher is reflected in the consistently high marks of his students and his colleagues agree that Barrie’s impact on his students cannot be underestimated. As well as the President’s Award, Barrie was also awarded a City & Guilds Medal for Excellence earlier in 2013, and was shortlisted to win a prestigious Lion Award.  

Speaking about his success, Barrie said: ‘As someone who gained City & Guilds’ certificates as an apprentice and now teaches students and soldiers to gain similar qualifications, I feel very honoured and privileged to be awarded the President’s Award. 

‘It’s a great feeling to know that my efforts and methods have been noticed. This award will motivate me to continue to look at other approaches and techniques to inspire future students and soldiers to achieve.’

Meanwhile, CEO and Director General of City & Guilds, Chris Jones said: ‘To be awarded the President’s Award by Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal is an exceptional honour and achievement. Barrie’s enthusiasm for teaching has made a tremendous impact on both his learners and colleagues. He is a real inspiration and should truly be proud of all he’s accomplished.’

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