City & Guilds responds to Lord Young enterprise report

Young people need to learn entrepreneurial skills from a young age, says City & Guilds

19 June 2014 / Jump to comment (1)

Young people need to learn entrepreneurial skills from a young age, says City & Guilds' UK Managing Director, Kirstie Donnelly.

She spoke on the back of today's Lord Young report, Enterprise for All.

Kirstie said:

'City & Guilds fully supports Lord Young's report, Enterprise for All, which was published today. We have long understood the importance of giving young people enterprise skills and by this we mean not only how to be an entrepreneur but how to find meaningful work and progress in your career.

'There is currently not enough focus in the education system on building enterprise skills among young people and Lord Young's recommendations are a great step towards embedding a real culture of enterprise in education right from an early age.

'City & Guilds' TechBac®, a 14-19 curriculum which launches this September, has a focus on enterprise at it's very heart. Students are given plenty of contact with employers through meaningful work experience and mentoring opportunities.

'With youth unemployment remaining high and employers finding it hard to recruit young people with the right attitude for employment, it's essential that enterprise skills are given the importance they deserve.'

Learn more about the TechBach®

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Denise Mongerie-Rogers

01 August 2014

Yes I agree as I believe that business success is dependent on partnerships between employees and management and this can only by successfully achieved if young people are trained in understanding what critical thinking, productivity, effective leadership, creativity and initiative mean to the success of business and one's personal career development.

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