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16 June 2014 / Be the first to comment

Last week City & Guilds hosted the Lion Awards - our opportunity to recognise the “above and beyond” achievements of our learners and providers. Earlier on that day we hosted an event for FE Principles and managers of FE providers aimed at discussing the changing role of technology in FE.

One focus of our discussions was the FELTAG (Further Education Learning Technology Action Group) recommendations. The FELTAG group was commissioned by Matthew Hancock MP and was given the challenge of gathering together recommendations from the sector relating to barriers preventing the effective use of technology in Further Education.

We created this overview of the Feltag report:


Here are 6 key recommendation themes coming out from the FELTAG recommendations.

Building capacity and capability of FE staff in particular attracts a number of recommendations - and it’s easy to see why: how we train and socialise best practise are necessary ingredients to having confidence in the classroom or learning environment.

The role of employers in a tri-partite relationship with learners and providers is also key in terms of technology shared across all three groups.

The funding system needs to change in order to cope with a more blended delivery, focusing on learning presence rather than physical attendance.

The learners themselves have a huge role to play, especially with respect to the recognitions of digital skills they already have, and their input into their college’s Learning Tech strategy.

Regulatory bodies could so easily stifle innovation in the pursuit of efficient performance, as we need to be able to use technology and data differently be it for e-assessment or Learner validation.

And lastly the investment required to enable the transformation of institutions - is key to making the above happen.

But an absolute core aspect running right through all this is leadership in FE to make it happen. With this in mind, one of the concepts City & Guilds have been considering is what life might be for the a learner in a few years time, as technology advances continue to shape the learning environment.

This video takes a look at some of these thoughts:

If you’d like to tell us about technologies you’ve had success with in your organisation, feel free to tell us in the Think Out Loud Club Google+ group.

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